Keith Gipson


One of the top building automation technicians at Honeywell in the late 80's and engineers at Johnson Controls in the mid 90's, Keith Gipson has been a pioneer in the Buildings IoT, Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) industries and technology for over twenty-five years.

In 1997 Keith Co-Founded the first EEM company, Silicon Energy Corp., which was sold to Itron in 2001 for $71 M. In 2005 Keith co-founded Shield Ops Inc. He architected an AI driven CSI and evidence linking program to help law enforcement discover, classify and correlate crime data as featured on the television show CSI Las Vegas (Season 10, Episode 4 "Coup De Grace").

Most recently Keith was CTO of Phoenix Energy Technologies where he architected the Enterprise DX (“Data eXchange") EEM platform that monitors and controls over 16,000 retail and commercial buildings, one of the largest integrated, web-based EEM platforms ever created. In March of 2020, after thirteen years, Keith left Phoenix ET to apply his vision and experience to build a conversational AI Autonomous Optimization (AIAO) solution. Keith holds a United States patent (US 6,178,362 Enterprise Energy Management System and Method 2001) and was honored by Southern California Edison as “A Modern Day African-American Inventor” for his contributions to the electric utility industry. He resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Andrea.

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Carolyn McHale

President / CIO

Carolyn McHale is an experienced Software Business Executive with more than 20 years expertise leading large and small companies in Systems and Energy Management. Carolyn has a strong, winning record taking cutting-edge technologies to market. Her background includes Dell Software and Northern Trust, as well as smaller startup environments Quest Software, ScriptLogic, ENow Software and Phoenix Energy Technologies.

In her most recent Energy role Carolyn was the VP of Engineering at Phoenix Energy Technologies for more than five years. In this role she built on Keith’s vision for enterprise EEM and IOT smart buildings scaling the platform and Engineering teams needed for the rapid growth of Enterprise DX and Data Analytics. By leading Software Engineering and product strategies, Carolyn enabled Phoenix ET to significant customer and revenue growth and to be named the Microsoft Partner Smart building solution for Energy and IOT. Carolyn was an active Executive working across all departments and with investors to optimize during growth, securing additional funding, supporting Sales, managing IT infrastructure and servicing enterprise customers.

Prior to Phoenix, Carolyn spent more than ten years with Dell Software with multiple global product development teams for products in Systems and Endpoint Management. During her tenure, Carolyn was also engaged on business and strategic initiatives including mergers/acquisitions, integrations, rationalizations and CTO group initiatives with IOT.

Carolyn has always been passionate about creating technology to serve customers and began her career as a Software Engineer writing code. A geek at heart who loves to learn, Carolyn holds a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Computer Information Systems and has completed numerous additional trainings/certifications.

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Paul Campbell

Vice President of AI & ML Solutions

Paul is an experienced energy data strategist and has been an enterprise energy decision management, data velocity and applied analytics practitioner throughout his near 30 year career.

In 2019 at the Association of Energy Engineers East conference in Boston, Paul co-presented Virtual Closed Loop Control for Adaptive Energy Management in Retail Buildings with Keith Gipson. This presentation was based on a whitepaper that Paul wrote to contextualize the relative imprecision of Building Automation Systems based on an Open Loop design and that control systems based on simplified PID Loops are inadequate to achieve the precision of Closed Loop Control. Without closing the loop with a full expression of error correction, precision can never be achieved.

In 2021, Paul will be presenting on the powerful influence of Object Oriented Design in Energy & Decision Management where he establishes that one cannot manage energy without also managing decisions. This understanding is foundational to developing a fully automated Decision Management system to handle analytics signal traffic.

Paul’s ultimate objective is a multi-planar suite of robust programmatic and dynamic energy and decision management methodologies that responds continually to mechanical, environmental and climatological conditions seamlessly through machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

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