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Advancing technology to optimize equipment and building performance.

Our Technology and System Integration

Our founders have decades of experience in systems integration and have real world, practical experience connecting systems together. The majority of our software gateway solutions are deep integrations and feature both read/write (command) as well as BAS schedule editing, configuration, and supervisory controller device remote reset capabilities!

Be wary of vendors telling you that the vast majority of BAS systems are “open protocol” or claim that they can connect to “ANY” system. Realistically, we can connect to over 90% of the BAS systems out there. If we do not yet have a software gateway solution for your needs available, our technical team will work with you to develop one. We never charge customers for our development costs and technology investments.

Our Capabilities

The following is a partial list of systems we have experience connecting to. Our technical team will work with you to develop a solution based on your system requirements.

  • BACnet IP / MSTP
  • Echelon LonWorks
  • Modbus TCP / RTU
  • Easy IO (Sedona)
  • OBIX
  • Tridium Niagara
  • Automated Logic
  • Johnson Controls Metasys (proprietary N1 & NAE/NIE BACnet IP)
  • Honeywell EBi (proprietary)
  • OPC (OLE for Process Control)
  • Siemens Apogee / System 600
  • Trane Summit BCU, Tracer SC
  • XML / Web Services
  • Novar Savvy/Lingo
  • CPC/Emerson E2
  • Danfoss
  • MicroThermo (Echelon LonWorks)
  • Powerhouse Dynamics

Our Holistic Approach

Our call to action is a must as our society faces monumental challenges impacting people and the planet. Our consciousness crisis drives efforts and action by NGOs, philanthropy, and technology companies to support, provide, and preserve human dignity by providing basic yet essential services. aims to support vulnerable or disadvantaged communities via the intersection of building energy efficiency, artificial intelligence, and education.

Energy waste in buildings remains a significant challenge in all parts of the world. The potential to reduce energy consumption in existing and new commercial buildings is enormous. On average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. is focusing on advancements in artificial intelligence technology in conjunction with a vast amount of industry expertise to automate the optimization of commercial buildings by leveraging existing assets (IoT/BEMS).

This technological approach represents a real-world example of a measurable impact on communities, lives, energy use, and CO2 reduction. The technology is available, expertise gathered, innovation limitless, and the need to take action is urgent.